Sunday, February 16, 2014

LC Hayden

Friends, one of our own is in need of our prayers and support! 
I am sharing this of LC Hayden's page:

Status Update

By Lc Hayden
Have been lots of private posts and e-mails about this so I decided to answer all at once. This past Sunday was absolutely wonderful. I had all three grandkids (seven months, two and four years old) and had the best time. Then we met with the parents (our son and his wife) and had a wonderful dinner. Went home about 8 PM, and I went to the bathroom just because that was the thing to do. No emergency. Nothing. I wasn't expecting to fill the toilet bowl with blood. That happened three more times during the night. By the morning I was in serious pain so I went to the ER. They found a mass in my kidneys the size of a football. The ER said they weren't equipped to handle that kind of emergency, so they put me in an ambulance (my first ambulance ride!) and took me to the hospital, which is where I am.

The operation to remove the mass and the kidney (both kidneys might have to go--they won't know until they open me up) will be this Wednesday at Providence Hospital at 10:30 AM. The doctors are calling it kidney cancer although no biopsy has been done. I'm praying--and please pray for me too--that they'll only have to take one kidney and the other one is okay. I have the greatest belief that all will turn well. I'll just have to learn to live with one kidney, which many people have been able to.

I'll be released from the hospital today (Thurs.) (I'm at Sierra Medical Center) and will need to report to Providence on Wednesday. But that's good, as it'll give me a couple of days to try to catch up with my work.

Hope you're well. Please add me to your prayer list.


L. C.

If anybody needs LC Hayden's address email me and I will get it to you!

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