Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am passing this on for Chris Susany who delighted us with a great writing workshop yesterday:

Dear EPWL Members and Guests:

I Just wanted to thank everyone (members and guests) for your attendance at my Writing Workshop this afternoon. I truly appreciated your critiquing comments and suggestions. Your feedback provides the fuel for future "New and Improved" writing workshops. Ultimately my hope was that each of you would carry away a nugget of insight or a glimmer of inspiration that will encourage you to keep writing and searching for the right way to tell you story.

At this age/stage of my life, my biggest regret is that I didn't pay close enough attention to the stories my elders tried to share. I heard, but I didn't listen. Now, I am too soon old, and too late smart, and unfortunately for me and my progeny, the wellspring of original recounts has dried up.That leaves me trying to piece together a disjointed puzzle of hogdge-podge heresay and bonafide history. All those great memories that could have, should have been captured for posterity's sake are now nothing but dust in the wind.

Please, don't let the winds sweep away your memories. Memories are what make us memorable.


PS: If any member would like a copy of the Memoir Writing hand outs, please tell them to contact
Christine O. Susany, Literary Craftsman

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