Friday, September 16, 2011

September 7, 2011 EPWL Board Minutes

September 7, 2011 EPWL Board Minutes

ATTENDED: Janice Brooks, Mike Grunsten, Sarah Purcell, Sulta Bonner, Vonda Frampton
*Annual Contest Discussion:
-How members were to turn in entries
-Judges’s addresses asked for via note sent by Mike. Only one judge had not
responded. Sarah stated that she mayt be willing to take on the 2012 contest if
she had help. Mike will make up a pamphlet with judges’s information for
future Contest chairpersons.
*Border Tapestry:
-May be available at September regular meeting. Launch party location was
discussed. The Percolator had not responded to Ken Kenyon at this time as an
available venue. Ruth Wren had contacted Jan regarding the Border Tapestry
and wanted a copy of the constitution. Vonda will give Sulta and Bob a copy of
the member roster to determine who gets a free copy of the magazine.
*EPCC Literary Fiesta:
-Jan hadn’t received any feedback from authors as to helping at the event. Border
Tapestry and EPWL application brochures and business cards will be available at
our table.
*EPWL Future Meeting Place:
-the subject of reserving the January meeting from 3-5 was discussed. Jan will
reserve the auditorium for that month. Sarah made a motion to form a committee
to research other meeting places. The motion was passed.
*2012 Slate of Officers:
-Jan contacted William Cummings. William left impression he would have to think
about taking a board position. Bob Sanchez is interested in being president.
*Sulta will ask Tina Dwyer to help with blog if need be.
*Mike will make business cards.
*Association of Writers & Writing Programs info to be filed with EPWL secretary.
*EPWL Archived Materials: Jan will contact John Middagh to retrieve stored
*October: announcement of slate of officers. Members will dress as their favorite
movie, book, or play character.
*November: election of new board. Larry Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate, will be
the guest speaker.
*December: annual awards banquet
The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by 2011 EPWL Secretary Vonda Frampton

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