Friday, September 16, 2011

September 10, 2011 Regular EPWL Meeting Minutes

*President Janice Brooks opened the meeting by asking for eleven seconds of silence in
honor of the 9-11 Anniversary.
*Jan asked how many members accepted last month’s challenge to write outside their
comfort zone for the annual contest.
*Introduction of Guests/ Brags
*Minutes of last meeting approved.
*Treasurer’s Report: to be filed for audit
*Committee Reports:
*Border Tapestry: Bob Sanchez announced that the magazine will be available at the
October meeting and that he ordered 100 copies.
*Annual Contest: Members were to turn in their entries. No late entries will be
*Banquet: Sally Spener gave an update. The price for the banquet is $25 per person.
Sally asked for committee volunteers to help with set-up, etc. Jan read the menu
*Old Business:
*EPCC Literary Fiesta update. Jan reminded member who want to participate to
contact her to set up schedule times and to hand over books. Her cell number is: 490-
*2012 Possible Slate of Officers: President, Bob Sanchez; Vice President, Sally
Spener. Secretary and Treasurer positions are still open.
*Library meeting place info matter resolved. A yearly contract will be signed with the
library. EPWL sound equipment, etc. can no longer be stored at the library. The
meeting time will remain from 2-4.
*New Business:
*Long-time honorary member, Zula McKenzie, has a book out on September 13. It
will be available through Amazon.
*Jan introduced Vonda Frampton who gave a workshop titled “Traits That Identify
Your Personality and Style by Using Unusual Keys to Unlock Who We Are as
Individuals and Writers.”
*October 8: Border Tapestry Launch Party. The room will be open to everyone/
introduction of 2012 slate of officers and nominations from floor
*November 12: 2008 Poet Laureate, Larry Thomas/ election of 2012 officers
*December 10: no regular meeting/annual banquet
*50/50: $28 collected. Heidi Hunt had the winning ticket but donated the $14 to the

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by 2011 EPWL Secretary Vonda Frampton             

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