Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minutes, May 2011 meeting

Submitted by Vonda Frampton EPWL 2011 secretary

CALL TO ORDER: President, Janice Brooks brought the meeting to order and explained the change of positions between Janice and former President, Mike Grunsten.

MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

TREASURER REPORT: The treasurer’s report will be filed for audit with no questions. An end-of-year audit process will be started in September of this year. Janice reminded members that dues need to be paid.

OLD BUSINESS: Janice explained the Board had revised and approved a new EPWL Constitution and Standing Rules which were posted on the blog for review by members 2 weeks prior to the general meeting. Members were asked to review copies of the Constitution and Standing Rules. With membership approval the vote was delayed until after the program. Action: The motion was made to approve the Constitution as a Board Report. (2nd not required because it was a committee report). Following a brief question-answer segment, the membership voted unanimously to approve both the Constitution and Standing Rules.

As previously announced, the internet address for the League’s blog is: It takes the place of the original website. Board meeting information and other news will be included on the blog site.

NEW BUSINESS: Betty Marcus-Randle, a member who passed away recently, bequeathed several items to the League. Janice will keep in contact with the family’s lawyer.
A table with members’ books will be at the back of the room at each meeting. Authors may bring, sell and sign their novels each month.

Mike Grunsten announced that Ida Chavira, past Vice President, will be moving to Borger, Texas in the near future.

The possible purchase of tote bags was discussed as well as welcoming packets for members. Additional information will be given at a future meeting.

Members without a name tag, should inform one of the board members.

A League logo was discussed. A contest will be held to choose the logo.

PROGRAM: Janice introduced Bob Sanchez who gave a workshop on publishing through Create Space.

Guests were asked to introduce themselves.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Janice asked for brags. Sandra Tolliver mentioned that member, Deen Underwood, had possibly been hospitalized after a fall. Ruth Wren had the winning 50/50 ticket.

Next month’s program will be Musical Chair Authors on June 11, 2011.

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