Friday, April 15, 2011

The President’s Corner

Effective today (April 15) Jan Brooks will assume the position of President of the El Paso Writers’ League and I will assume the role of Vice President. This is to allow me to take on the Chair for this year’s contest and the Inkslinger our monthly publication. — Mike Grunsten

Our elected President Mike Grunsten felt such an overwhelming sense of responsibility for El Paso Writers' League and to you the members that when he could not get a volunteer to come forward to take on what he felt were two of the most important outlets of the league, Mike reassessed and prioritized and took on the positions himself.  We owe Mike our gratitude and our help.  He's a great guy and role model.  As our new Contest Chairman (a role he did so well last year) and "Inkslinger" editor, his cup is full.  I agreed to step up to President and he switched with me as Vice President. — Jan Brooks


  1. The program for our May 14,2011 meeting will feature Bob Sanchez who will share valuable information with members about publishing on Create Space. Getting your books out and available on the internet is the future and the tie-in with is valuable. E-book publishing is replacing conventional bookstores and unfortunately books in hard and soft cover. I will always treasure the feel of a real book in my hands, but you can't buck technology. This is the age we live in and we have to keep up. Bring your questions for Bob who is witty and knowledgeable.

  2. I have to be witty? Such pressure!

    Seriously, don't misunderstand. CreateSpace is a venue for publishing physical books.

  3. I thank you both for your leadership and vision to keep the organization going.