Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Contest Winners List


1st Failures of the Tech Revolution by SallySpener
2nd Navigating my Healthy Writing Course by VondaFrampton
3rd Adios, Curas Machistas by Cindy Alvarez
HM Creative Writing: The Heart / Brain Connection byChristine Susany

Adult Short Story

1st Haciendado by Beverly Blout
2nd Class of ’62 Reunion by Don Moss
3rd Tiny Monroe by Vonda Frampton
HM Demented Gramma by Pat Phillips

Adult FlashFiction

1st Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf byTina Dwyer
2nd The Secondhand Conundrum by Julia Duncan
3rd Blind Date by Bob Sanchez
HM Crow by Donna Helmling


1st The Juicy and the Lean (YA) by NancyNatalicio
2nd N/A
3rd Patas de Gallina (YA) by Cindy Alvarez
HM A very Special Christmas (Children) by Tina Dwyer


1st Doors by Vonda Frampton
2nd My Time by Vonda Frampton
3rd Lessons Learned by Christine Susany
HM Long Ago by Yvonne Collins

Book Chapter  Women’s Lit

1st  Alaskaby Kathryn Forest
2nd All She Requires by Vonda Frampton
3rd Our First Thanksgiving by Heidi Hunt

Chapter Book Mystery-Suspense/Sci-Fi/Action

1st The Soul Mender by Robyn Gold
2nd Death of a Mascot by Tina Dwyer
3rd Whiskey Park by Don Moss
1st HM Thriver by Julia Duncan
2nd HM Whistling by the Graveyard by VondaFrampton


1st Before the Watchman Cries, “Alba!” byChristine Susany
2nd Timbuktu: Ode to Country Music II by SallySpener
3rd The Sisters Three by Christine Susany

Poetry, Open Form

1st For Billy Collins by Nancy Natalicio
2nd Murder for Hire by Heidi Hunt
3rdThe Watering Hole by Christine Susany
HM Dusk at the Zócals

Poetry,Closed Form

1st Spanish is more than Colors and Numbers by NancyNatalicio
2nd Ballad of an Immured Princess by Tina Dwyer
3rd  N/A

Poetry Haiku

1st Creamy Shadows Pool by Christine Susany
2nd Shimmering Jewel by Sally Spener
3rd Iridescent Plumes by Sally Spener

Best of Best:

 Creamy Shadows Pool by Christine Susany

 Doors by Vonda Frampton

The Juicy and the Lean by Nancy Natalicio 

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