Friday, October 19, 2012

October Meeting Minutes

 President Bob Sanchez called the board to order at 1:00.  Officers and Board members present: T. Dwyer, S. Spener, I. Barrett,  S. Purcell, B Sanchez, R. Schwein.

President Sanchez presented the slate of officers for 2013:

    President: Dick Schwein
    Vice President Donna Helmling
    Secretary Jan Brooks
    Treasurer Bob Sanchez

    The president suggested and the board concurred nominations from the floor will be accepted at the November meeting prior to the election.

2013 chair people:

    Blog and Facebook Tina Dwyer

    Border Tapestry Sulta Bonner
    Contest Sarah Purcell

    Inkslinger Mike Grunsten

    The November meeting, 11/10 will consist of the election, and Jan and Sally conducting a “Musical chairs “ writing exercise.

    December meeting, awards banquet and installation of officers will take place at Sunland Park Casino. $17,00 per meal.

Other: The board approved a gift certificate for our presenter Lucia Zimmitti. Update pages are needed on the blog. A program committee will be formed and include people from  our general membership. A standard audit will be conducted as we transition to a new year and new officers.

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