Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our September meeting

Did you win a second or third prize in last year's El Paso Writers' League contest? Then we want you to come to the September 8 meeting and read one of your entries. We know you put a lot of hard work into your writing, and you deserve the public kudos.

Of course, the 8th is also this year's contest deadline. Note that there has always been a rule against resubmitting work that's won any prize in the past. This year we'll be enforcing that rule. So if you did win 2nd or 3rd place, by all means use the judge's comments to improve it, but please don't submit it again. Submit something new.

Finally, make sure you don't confuse your stuff with anyone else's. There's so much we all download from the Internet that we can forget whose work belongs to whom. So, just as a general precaution we'll ask you to confirm that you're submitting fresh, new material.

--Happy writing!

Bob Sanchez

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