Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minutes, August 2011 meeting

EPWL August 13, 2011 Regular Minutes

*President Janice Brooks opened the meeting by explaining the handouts pertaining to the workshop and the form asking members to consider volunteering for next year’s board. She explained the 50/50 drawing.
*Minutes: approved.

*Treasurer Report: filed for audit

*Committee Reports:
1. Sulta Bonner gave an update on Border Tapestry.
2. Mike Grunsten handed out entry forms for the contest.
*Old Business:
1. EPCC Literary Fiesta: to be held on 9/24/2011. Members interested in participating were asked to contact Janice regarding work schedules and handing over their books to her.
2. Contest Deadline: September 10, 2011. No late entries will be accepted.
3. Logo contest winner: Mike Grunsten was presented with a $25 gift certificate for having the winning logo.

*New Business:
1. A short discussion was held regarding participating in the Oct. La Vina event if members with books are interested and the event has openings.
2. Head librarian at the Dorris Van Doren library informed Janice that the League may have to pay $25 per hour for use of the auditorium and to schedule three months before hand which would still not insure League use of the room. The League will have use of the auditorium, barring being bumped by other programs, through November of this year. Patricia suggested the League find another place to meet. Jan asked for a copy of library policies. It was suggested during the announcement to members that the regular meeting time be changed from 2:00 to 4:00 to 3:00 to 5:00.
3. Member Cindy Alvarez suggested beginning a petition against the library.
*Program: Janice Brooks and Vonda Frampton led the workshop consisting of ten-minute writes using contest categories. Afterwards, members volunteered to read one piece of their choice.
*50/50 Drawing: William Cummings had the winning ticket.

*Brags/ Announcements:
1. Paul Geneson asked to meet with any member who had lived in Chicago during the ‘50s.
2. Dick Schwein announced that the Lancer’s Club had closed.
*Next Meeting: September 10, 2011
*The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by EPWL 2011 secretary, Vonda Frampton

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