Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The President’s Corner, July 2011

We're in the homestretch for our annual contest.  Beginning in June with the Musical Chair Authors to show our members their creativity extends into all genre's, we will have William (Bill) Cummings give a program in July on play writing, a new category in our contest.  We will conclude in August with another workshop designed to excite and stretch your "muse".  I challenge every member to submit a contest entry in a category for which they have never before written.  My goal is to have one entry in every major category, so, for one day a week, I am setting aside writing on my current novel "Seasons" to write for the contest.  The feedback from professionals who judge our contest is priceless and helps me write better, even when I don't agree with every single point.  As the author, we are the final authority for what ends up in our piece, but, hey, the reader is the real boss!  Get out of the box we put ourselves in.  Join, re-join, and commit to El Paso Writers' League.  We're learning and having fun in the process.

Janice Brooks, Author of "Illusions" & "A Price for Fame"

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