Friday, June 17, 2011

June, 2011 meeting minutes

June 11, 2011 EPWL Regular Meeting Minutes
CALL TO ORDER:  President, Janice Brooks called the meeting to order.

INTRODUCTIONS (VISITORS/NEW MEMBERS) & BRAGS:  Pam Kogler & Watertiger introduced themselves.  Diane Morgan stated her book was in the 3rd print & continues to sell well with book signings in Pennsylvania.

MINUTES:  5/14/11Minutes were approved as written.

TREASURER REPORT:  Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit .  No questions. Janice reminded members that dues need to be paid.

  1.  Junior Jotters Chair A. C. Sanders reported schedule is on Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning July 12 for 3 weeks, from 1-3PM.  Cost is $25 per week or $60 for 3 weeks.  He needs volunteers for table monitors.  Applications for students available at Library this week.
  2. Contest Chair Mike Grunsten stated contest fees were revised – 5 entries for $20 and $3each additional entry.
  1.  Reminder that all information is available on the blog athttp://EPWL.BLOGSPOT.COM
  2. Entries for Logo Contest for EPWL are due 7/7/11 to VP Grunsten by e-mail at for vote by membership at 7/9/11 meeting.  Ties will be broken by board.
  1.  Membership feedback about dues resulted in Board deciding a change should be made to Constitution Article VI.1.- delete word not in third sentence to read.  “Membership fees are pro-rated.  This will be voted on at 7/9/11 meeting.  The Standing Rules will then be modified to read dues of $40 per year or $4 per mo.
  2. Southwest Writers from Albuquerque requested a partnership in publicizing one another’s activities which the board agreed to.  BLOG will list info as available.
PROGRAM:  Musical Chair Authors - Each member drew a paper slip upon entrance which gave table assignments for two exercises. President Brooks explained that each table had a posted genre for the participants to use in writing a story.  They had to use the words listed on the inside of the ‘table tent’ which showed the table number and genre.  Participants were given 10 minutes to write then read within their group/table.  The groups then chose 2 persons to read their stories to the entire meeting.  Attendees then changed tables and repeated the process.  The results were a creative and interesting assortment of stories using the same words in 8 different genres from persons who normally would not write Romance, Poetry, Op Ed, Historical, Southwest, Fantasy, Mystery or Journal/Memoir/Diary.  A good time was had by all!  

  1.  Deen Underwood broke a hip and is in rehab.
  2. 50/50 drawing paid $12 with additional drawings for 3 paperback books..
Next month’s program will be Play Writing by W. C. Cummings on July 9, 2011.
 -- Janice Brooks for Secretary Vonda Frampton

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